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2015 Coaches Meeting

Coaches meeting 2015 Facebook Post.docx is the meeting notes from this year's coaches meeting.  They have been sent to Tom who will get them up when he can.  I will try to post them on the PSCF Facebook page as well.


The TLAs are now being edited, but we hope to publish them on here soon as well as submit them to the USCF.  If all goes well, you will be able to signup for the event on here, via Paypal (or credit card through Paypal.)  The individual entries into the event can be found in the Web Store.  Click on the section you want to play in to sign up for that section.  If you have ANY questions, please email me at joshuamiltonanderson@gmail.com.   


I wanted to add a few common questions I have been getting to help people as they try to figure out aspects of the event.

1)  Where do I go to sign my students/child up on line?  Please visit the Web Store by clicking on the Web Store tab.  The store has all the sections and also USCF memberships if you need to purchase one of those.  

2)   Do I need to pay online?  Absolutely not.  We have had some people in the past lament that they were not able to pay online.  So, I made the option available on this website as it is not a possible function on the PSCF website, at least as best I can tell.

3)  Why are updates being done on this website faster than the PSCF website?  I know how to use my website, but am not particularly good with the PSCF website.  Therefore, to make everything accessible as quickly as possible, I put stuff up here and then when those who can work the PSCF website have time, they add the information to the state website.  

4)  Are there places to eat near by?  The hotel has two restaurants.  A list of other near by restaurants is up under the Flyers tab.