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A Day with No Students

Posted by joshuamiltonanderson on May 21, 2014 at 12:05 AM

Tuesday is the day that I don't teach students.  I see at least 3 every other day of the week and though I could find more to fit into Tuesday, I choose to keep this day free so that I might work on other things.  What sort of things does a chess coach do on a day he doesn't coach?  Well, I am glad you asked.  

1.  I started the day corresponding with potential judges and book companies that might be involved with the Chess Journalists of America Awards.  Thanks to Everyman Chess, I was introduced to a very fun app designed for reading chess books and letting the reader see the moves described played out on a board.  

2.  I then worked on updating the website to reflect all the generous prizes dontated to the HHM.  I also updated the flyer and sent the okayed TLA (Tournament Listing Announcement) to the USCF.

3.  I updated the shop part of the website as well to include the 3 sections of the "Triple Crown" event, scheduled for August 16 - 17.

4.  Though I didn't have any students today, I spent  a little bit of time looking for games to use as various examples.  I am always looking for good games that teach tactical themes or strategic ideas.  This lead to me doing a little bit of sorting throug my books and magazines, though there is still much to do before the office is properly in order.

5.  I worked on a letter to send to the schools of PA, so the schools can be made more aware of scholastic events.  Though I don't have as many emails on file as I thought, I still was able to create/refine a workable list that I will put to good use soon.

6.  I did a little background research to help prepare for some research I will be doing in Ohio next month at the White Collection in the Cleveland Public Library.

7.  I looked further into getting t-shirts printed for the Tri-Bridges Chess Club.  I believe we will have some for the general public to purchase and of course some for our club members by mid-June.  I also decided that since we were going to have an unexpected guest (someone who can't regularly come to the club, but he told his mom that attending the club was one of the things he wanted for his birthday), we would use that reason, along with a celebration of school ending/summer beginning, to have a little cake and ice cream on June 5th.  

8.  I rescheduled a few students around the upcoming holiday and laid the ground work for possibly getting another student.  

9.  I worked on my exam to become a senior tournament director.  It is do the beginning of June, so I am a little behind where I want to be, but I am making progress.

10.  A friend is working on designing a news letter for his club and I am working on finding/creating a couple of puzzles for it.

11.  Contacted the USCF concerning some trouble I was having with some forms they sent regarding some invitational events they have connected to the U.S. Open.

12.  Began putting together some information for someone who can hopefully update the state scholastic page.  

        All and all, a very pleasant day and I am very fortunate to get to spend my day with such interesting and varied work.  I am curious though - is this is what people thought a chess coach did with his one day a week away from teaching?

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Reply A Taste For The Woods
5:15 AM on May 21, 2014 
I hope you found time to get out and walk!
Reply Libby Madarasz
6:57 AM on May 21, 2014 
And here I thought you were over there watching soap operas! Wow, Joshua, so much that a "lay person" would never realize goes into your work. You are a busy man!! Oh and you forgot to mention that you also took out the recycling :-)
Reply joshuamiltonanderson
7:30 AM on May 21, 2014 
I also went out and voted, but that was about the only thing I found time for. Remember, the scholastic page has not been updated in 11 years (until this past February) and HHM and CJA activity always peeks in May and August. So, I keep telling myself just a few more days and things will calm down and I will get in some more walking. I really hope it does soon as I have put on 15 pounds or so since the state tournament in March.