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Posted by joshuamiltonanderson on November 2, 2012 at 3:35 AM

It turns out, I am not a great blogger. For those I have had the pleasure of talking to, this may come as a surprise, it certainly did me. Perhaps I shouldn't be so suprised. My parents will tell you that I didn't talk much as a child, and of course, now, I am almost never quiet. There are two really great events that I got to be a part of recently that I should mention.

The first, is that I was invited to help out the Philadelphia Art Museum. They have a great new exhibit "Dancing Around the Bride" (http://www.philamuseum.org/exhibitions/765.html) and in one case they have several shelves dedicated to Duchamp's chess interest. I was fortunate enough to get to go to the museum and help decide what went onto the shelves for display. It was a truly great experience and I was thrilled to be involved in the project.

The second is that Shining Knights had it's first tournament of the year (excluding FNAs) and I am extremely proud of all of my students who participated. A student of mine at least tied for first in each section (there were three sections total) and my other two students who participated both scored in the top half of their respective sections. The next Shining Knights event is on the 10th and that is the City Scholastic Championship at Maple Glen (http://shiningknightschess.com/tournaments/product/1022-2012-greater-philadelphia-scholastic-chess-championship.html). I hope to see everyone there!

All of this activity, plus getting a few new students and preparing for the policy meeting of the Pennsylania State Chess Fecderation, has put my work on the Anthologies a bit behind schedule, but I will be catching up soon.

Before I end, I want to say that I hope everyone managed to not have too much trouble from Sandy and I want to add a quick thank you to everyone who has been helping the victims of Sandy.

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