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Norristown High School Charity Event!

There is a new event to raise money for the Norristown High School to help their chess team with joining the LBCSCL, equipment, etc.  More information can be found by clicking on the link to the side or clicking on Web Store at the top and you can find more info under the tab for the event.

       Thanks to Shining Knights Chess for the donation of numerous t-shirts to be used as prizes along with the team trophy and 5 individual trophies in each of the K-12 sections, U700 and U1400. 

16th Holly Heisman Memorial - Site confirmed!!!  Everything Set!

September 2 - Esperanza Academy Charter School Free entry!  421 W Bristol St (not the school address but it’s the address that will GPS people to the parking lot and the doors which are not necessarily easy to identify) Advance entry strongly suggested. Optional tax-deductible donation to the Holly Heisman Memorial Fund at the Philadelphia Foundation to benefit women in need, $25+ per entry strongly suggested. Reg.: 9:15-10. All: G/25 d5, Rds. 10:30-11:45-1:30-2:45-4 or earlier. 3 Sections: Open 5SS & U1500 5SS (both open to all ages) and K-8 U900 4SS. Many donated prizes ($1,000+/yr!). Prize sponsors encouraged & honored at event: email joshuamiltonanderson@gmail.com; Ent: Email Name, ID number, and section to joshuamiltonanderson@gmail.com; List of players and prizes under HHM Info tab at http://mindseyepress.com.  Info: 610-649-0750 for Dan Heisman; mail to: joshuamiltonanderson@gmail.com for Joshua Anderson. W. 
Please note that the location can not be guaranteed until July 1st.  

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Two Tri-Bridges Players Tie for First at Eastern Open - U1300 Section

 Two players from the Tri-Bridges club tied for first in the U1300 section of the Eastern Open.  I am sure I speak for everyone who comes to the club when I say congratulations on their fine performance.  The article about the event was written by Jamaal Abdul-alim.  


Update - Tournaments and Reviews

Seasons Greetings!  

Fetters - White #4 and #5 are now put on the website and one can sign up for either or both.  I have a few pictures of Fetters - White in the Picture section.  I have separated book reviews into chess and football categories, as well as posting a couple.  I have five or six more to complete and post over the next few weeks.   

Fetters - White #1 - #3

         The first couple of Fetters - White tournaments have done well and we will be having three more in the next few weeks.  The 3rd of these events is on October 21st.  It will be the first to have 3 sections.  The sections are U400, U1000, and U1400. 

          On November 11th we will have the first event with an Open section.  We will see how the Open section goes.  Their will also be an U1400 section.   This will not be a good tournament for little kids as the strong players will want it o be very quiet.  In December we will be back to have good sections for little beginner players.  The sections in December will be U1300 and U600. 


Abbreviations galore!  The awards season for the Chess Journalists of America is upon us.  We already have one person asking about entering one of our new categories.  I will update the list of entries under he CJA Awards list and of course you can see the updated list on www.chessjournalism.org, though I am not sure how often that page will be updated.  If you are interested in entering something, you can do so through the webstore or you can send a check and the entry via email.  If you are interested in judging, you can email me at joshuamiltonanderson@gmail.com .  If you wish to enter and send a check, you can do so, making the check out to CJA.  The check can be sent to:

Joshua M. Anderson

206 Locust Lane

Exton, PA 19341 


           Meanwhile, the 14th Holly Heisman Memorial has been arranged   It will once again be the first Sunday in August, the 7th (also my 17th wedding anniversary.)  This is the standard date, though there is talking about moving the event date and location.  The TLA is as follows:  

Aug. 7, 14th Holly Heisman Memorial Fundraiser JCC Kaiserman Branch, Haverford Rd. & City Ave., Wynnewood. Free entry! Advance entry strongly suggested.  Optional tax-deductible donation to the Holly Heisman Memorial Fund at the Philadelphia Foundation to benefit women in need, $25+ per entry strongly suggested. Reg. 9:15-10. All: G/25 d5, Rds. 10:30-11:45-1:30-2:45-4 or earlier. 3 Sections: Open 5SS & U1500 5SS (both open to all ages) and K-8 U900 4SS. Many donated prizes ($1,000+/yr!). Prize sponsors encouraged & honored at event: email joshuamiltonanderson@gmail.com;  Ent: Email Name, ID number, and section to joshuamiltonanderson@gmail.com; List of players and prizes under HHM Info tab at http://mindseyepress.com  Info: 610-649-0750 for Dan Heisman; mail to: joshuamiltonanderson@gmail.com. for Joshua Anderson.   W 

         If you would like to donate a prize, please contact me at joshuamiltonanderson@gmail.com.  Thank you to House of Staunton who has already sent us a lovely set.  As there is no way to sign up online since the event allows you to donate the entry fee ($25+ is the suggested donation), you can just email me and pay at site.  There is also a way to donate online -   http://www.danheisman.com/donations.html .  I will put a list of those participating and prizes under the HHM tab. 


       My move to Exton, PA is finally wrapping up and we (my wife, myself, and the animals), are very happy to be here.  The fall has several exciting events coming up including three Shining Knights tournaments and a new major Philadelphia tournament.  Also, the 2015 (please note the date) State Scholastic will be in Lancaster, PA!!  More information on all of these events, to be forthcoming.

Tri-Bridges Chess Club

I am very pleased to announce that the Exton Community Baptist Church is hosting the Tri-Bridges Chess Club!    The Tri-Bridges Club meets on Tuesdays, from 6:30 to 8:30, thoug you may come and go as you like. 

If you have any questions, please email me or call 484-948-5692.

Thank you!


Mind's Eye Press would like to extend thanks to the Dan Heisman Chess Support Fund for all the assistance in making our tournaments such a success!



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